No 5 June 2004  

6th Iran Petrochemical Forum
Iran’s Greatest Hope: the petrochemical
Investment in Iran
Iranian Economy in a Global Context

Bimeh Dana: a rapidly growing insurance company
Bank Tejarat Launches Prepaid Cards

Expansion of Petrochemicals Exports

Iran’s Renaissance
Introducing an Iranian Artist
Hammurabi’s Law
The Aesthetic Character

Prosperity for Iran and Regional Nations

Role of Self-Confidence in National Economy


The 6th Iran Petrochemical Forum was held on the 1st and 2nd of May with the participation of over 1600 people from 46 countries. EVENTS has attempted to give a full though brief account of the major parts of the event, specially the opening day. We have also included in this issue two of the speeches delivered at the Forum by outstanding men, and shall provide more of these papers in future issues....

The 6th Iran Petrochemical Forum was held in Tehran on 1st and 2nd of May 2004 with the participation of 1600 experts representing 340 companies from 46 countries. The Forum was inaugurated with recitation of verses from the Holy Koran....

Standardization: a critical factor in development

Iran’s Economic Policies
Beating Inflation: the importance of luck, timing, and political institutions
Iran’s Economy in 2003-2004

Quality Management

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Cover Story:
Value added tax

What Did The Third Plan Achieve
History of Iran's Wind Energy Technology
Mani or the Painter Prophet
An Outline of the History of Persia
Azbihollah Behrouz, an Iranian Scholar
Iran's Mother Automotive Co


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