No 3 December 2003  

The Forth International Conference on Quality Management
The First Conference on Human Resources Development


Iranian Oil Industry: Prospects for the Future

An Artist From Shiraz
Ebrahim Poordavood

Water Crisis in Middle East

Dealing With Water

Management: An art or a craft

Fruit of the Middle East

People, Work and Quality


The third issue of EVENTS goes to the printers at a time when we are close to the end of the year 2003. It is apt then that we should begin this issue by wishing all the Christians of the world a Merry Christmas and the
whole world a Happy New Year...

Iran’s vast gas reserves put the country at a position of great advantage with respect to the petrochemical industry. The country’s proximity to such densely populated countries as China and India, assures it of expansive markets that will, for a long time to come, demand and consume its petrochemicals. Therefore, the nation is rapidly developing and expanding its petrochemical industry. But to handle the sale of its products at such a large scale, a separate entity is required, hence IPCC. You will learn more about IPCC’s objective from the following interview.

National Value Added
Selling Petrochemicals

Iran's Cooperative Sector
Time is Fast Running Out !
Can Iran be an Exporting Country ?

Need to Ship Your Goods?
Traditional Banking in Iran

What is Financial Engineering ?

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Cover Story:

Arthur Upham Pope:
An American in Love with Persia
Miniature Painting
Aluminium Industry
Zoroaster: The Iranian Prophet
The Influence of Early Islam upon Persian Art
Development Plans: What the Problems are


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