No 1 June 2003  

Queshm Island: The Lost Paradise
Queshm and its potentials (1)
Queshm and its potentials (2)
Queshm and its potentials (3)

Merk joins Iran's drug industry
Tede Tejarat Co.
Ship building in Iran
Figuring out energy

The rise of the Persian Empire
Iran's tribes
Ghahvekhaneh: The Iranian coffee house
Signs & symbols in Arabshahi's works
Pottery in Iran


EVENTS addresses any person who is somehow interested in Iran and its people. It is aimed at telling people around the world about the events that occur or have occurred in Iran; about its nature and the way of life of its people; about the beauty and majesty of its mountains and the harshness of its deserts ...

In the dark blue watersto the south of Iran, along the strait of Hormoz that links the Persian Gulf to the Sea of Oman, there lies an iland of wonder, delight and surprises.

The act on attraction and protection of foreign investment
Trade in Persian Gulf and Iran's free zones
The history of banking
A banker's qualifications

Private banks: A solution to Iran's ailing economy
New towns for a modern nation

Quality and life

Comming in next issue:

Cover Story:
Iran's Rights in the Caspian

Privatization & Capital Management
Christian Assyrians in Iran
Young and Old: Iranian Population
Edward Browne
Golestan Palace

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