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EVENTS addresses any person who is somehow interested in Iran and its people. It is aimed at telling people around the world about the events that occur or have occurred in Iran; about its nature and the way of life of its people; about the beauty and majesty of its mountains and the harshness of its deserts; the joys and the hardships of its people; about their arts, past and present; their literature; their customs, their history...

EVENTS attempts in particular to tell you all about Iran's recent economic and social developments, the potentials it offers the world in trade, finance and industry; its artistic and cultural contributions; its possibilities in tourism and sightseeing; its demands for imports and its capabilities for exports;... Yet, my colleagues and I do not intend to confine ourselves to Iran and its people only. We shall also provide you with interesting articles on many varied subjects.

Of course we fully realize that times are changing, and assure our readers that we shall keep up with the times: we shall soon be on the Internet, we shall become paperless in time, and we shall always keep up-to date.

We would be deeply interested in our readers, particularly those who take a keen interest in this magazine and who contact us to admonish us, advise us, correct us, and hopefully encourage us from time to time. We desperately seek your satisfaction, which is the lifeblood of our existence, and sincerely hope to gain it.

In this first issue we begin by telling you about Qeshm Island and its natural and business potentials. It is a delightful island of great beauty, vast gas reserves and a very strategic position in Iran's southern waters. Shipbuilding in Iran may be of interest to businessmen worldwide who seek new areas in shipbuilding, in which to invest. It may attract investors to form joint ventures with Iranian partners and thereby profit considerably from the unexploited potentials of the country. The Rise of the Persian Empire tells the story of Aryan tribes who migrated to Iran and formed the mighty Empire of the Persians and the Medes.

In a country where the private sector is becoming increasingly more involved in banking, an article on banking might interest and encourage many investors, Iranian or non-Iranian.

These articles, among others, are given in this issue and are intended to inform and delight you. All of us at EVENTS, and I in particular, hope they will.

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